Our purpose is to integrate our solutions into your current processes in order to make indoor farming more productive and efficient.
Control and monitor all the data in one place.

Core Features

Enkitek Software Solution

Your Toolbox for Boosting Indoor Farming Efficiency

Farm Management System (FMS)

100% hardware agnostic, customisable software solution that allows you to manage materials, processes, plan your production and customer orders

IoT integration

All Your Devices in One Unified Dashboard: light control, irrigation, ventilation, air and water quality, nutrient level


Transforming Processes with Robotic Precision and AI-Powered Efficiency, Prevention and Monitoring.

Impact in Figures

Quantifying Our Progress:
A Look at the Numbers That Define Our Journey

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Uplift in Production

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Core Modules

Enkitek in action

Our integrated platform offers intelligent automation and streamlines labor processes for modern farming. By harnessing multi-sensor data collection paired with advanced AI processing, we aim to enhance yields and provide comprehensive insights, all managed from a single unified platform

Start with what you need — our modular approach means we tailor the solution step by step to fit your farm's unique requirements

Why Enkitek

We're with you at every stage, from the first spark of an idea to the final steps of deployment

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Dive into the stories of growth and success from our soilless farming partners


About Us

Motivation behind the project

Enkitek was founded on a vision to harness IoT, AI, and Robotics for agriculture, making soilless farming more accessible and efficient as we face a rapidly growing global population. Traditional farming methods won't keep up without damaging the planet, but soilless techniques could help bridge the food gap sustainably. Our solution is a flexible software that integrates with existing farm tech or helps introduce new systems, aimed at reducing costs and boosting yields. At Enkitek, farmers dictate the pace of technology adoption, choosing what best fits their needs. We're here to support every step towards a sustainable, high-tech farming future

Our Team

The Minds Behind the Mission

Our dedicated team combines expertise in technology and agriculture to bring you cutting-edge soilless farming solutions

Victor Cantón


Eric Mora Juan


Angeline Watson

Sales Manager

Eugeni Llagostera

IA Automation Expert

Dani Vicario

Product Owner

Mahesh K S

Software Team leader

Abishek Anto Jesto

Software Developer

Presanth S Nair

Software Developer

Shebin P R

Software Developer

Ann Mary Sebastian

Software Tester

Adria Capel

Farm Expert

Saranya Sasi

Software Tester

Ajith Aloysius

UX / UI Expert


Frequently Ask Question

Find answers to common queries about soilless farming technology and how our solutions cater to your agricultural needs

In vertical soilless farming, you can grow a wide variety of crops vertically. Some common choices include leafy greens like lettuce, spinach, and kale, as well as herbs like basil and mint. Other crops suitable for vertical farming include strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. By utilizing techniques such as hydroponics, aeroponics, and aquaponics, vertical farming allows for efficient and space-saving cultivation of these crops in vertically stacked layers

Lighting, Air Circulation, Plant Density, Temperature, Humidity, CO2 levels, etc

Enkitek is hardware agnostic. We use any hardware available on the market

We evaluate with each customer if new hardware is advised or if its better to interface with any existing system in your farm

Vertical farming automation offers numerous benefits such as efficient space utilization, year-round food production, protection against adverse weather conditions, reduced labor costs, sustainable practices, minimal water usage, no contribution to soil degradation, proximity to urban areas, and decreased transportation costs.

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