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We adapt a robotic arm to substitute the labor process you decide. Our precise software uses AI to search for the key elements to develop the task. Together with the control panel it permits you define multiple tasks for the same robot: seeding, harvesting, packaging, among others.

 The robotic arm can be adapted to your work space through other hardware elements so that you get maximum efficiency and effectiveness out of it. Moreover, we count with a group of robotic providers and integrators that will ease the installation. 

Image recognition

Easy to control

Hardware adaptative


We know how important is to know how the crops are growing, that’s why we have the perfect tool to monitor the most important characteristics of your vegetables.

Our IoT device counts with a camera to monitor its life cycle in real time. Thanks to our AI models, we can detect the optimum maturity moment of the vegetable and if there is any disease. It also integrates other sensors, such as temperature, humidity to monitor all the data necessary from the Admin Panel.

Camera monitoring

Quality Disease detection

All in one panel


With our Manufacturing Execution System  you can fully digitalize all your processes and become a paperless Plant Factory.

Every layout and process flow can be easily setup so each event is traced and controlled by our platform, allowing you to get new insights of your processes and take benefit of all the acquired data.

Program notifications and alerts depending on the state of the crop, and get notified when that event happens.

Schedule robot tasks, with an easy to use user interface with almost no need for training.

24/7 operation

Optimize workflows

Cost reduction

High-Tech solutions

All-in-one platform

Scale quickly

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